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Levelling the commercial insurance playing field

Where data is knowledge and knowledge is power, technology must respond to ever-changing demands.

levelling the playing field

Some areas of the commercial insurance sector have been slow to adopt digital technology. This means companies are often managing fragmented systems and outdated processes. This places them at an increasing disadvantage relative to their peers.

A widening gap can exist not only between brokers but also between the insurers they work with, creating a disparity in the tools and data insights available to organisations.  

Using data to level the commercial insurance playing field

Differences in tools and technology risk creating an uneven landscape. Some organisations are better able to leverage the power of data.  However, this leaves other organisations falling behind due to not having access to data-driven insights.  

Broker Insights Vision™ (Vision) is using data to level the commercial insurance playing field, overcoming technological shortcomings, and unifying disparate digital information. 

Now, for the first time, smaller brokers have access to software and data analytics tools, through our revolutionary platform. Our advanced insights save both brokers and insurers time, introducing targeted, data-driven conversations about pre-qualified leads.  

Meeting the growing demands of the commercial insurance sector

Vision is continually being developed to meet the growing demands of the commercial insurance sector, which include: 

  • Scalability  

Vision is designed to help businesses of all sizes scale their operations. Whether an independent regional broker, a mid-market or larger broker, or an insurer, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that our system is built for large-scale data processing and your growing client base. 

  • Flexibility 

Easy-to-interpret dashboards turn complex data into actionable information, providing you with readily attainable business insights. This, coupled with wider market data, helps you to remain adaptable in a rapidly evolving sector. You can see opportunities and capitalise upon them, maintaining your competitive edge while staying up to date with new products and insurer appetites. 

  • Compatibility 

Vision is system agnostic which means it’s compatible with all broker back-office software and systems. Our technology can be described as ‘evergreen’ as it is subject to continual updates, providing a stable, robust, and dependable platform with a Technical Support Team readily at hand.  

In a world where data is knowledge and knowledge is power, technology must remain relevant and respond to ever-changing demands. Broker Insights Vision™ does this by letting brokers be seen by the right insurer at the right time with the right products.  

Levelling the playing field benefits all parties in the commercial insurance distribution chain, as it underpins educated and focussed conversations. Fully integrating Vision into your workflows streamlines manual tasks, while increasing efficiency, user experience, and client outcomes. 

If you’re not already benefiting from the platform and would like to know more, email enquiries@brokerinsights.com and follow us on LinkedIn.  

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