How Informative is your Management Information?

Discover how Broker Insights helps turn data into knowledge, and how the platform has helped one broker to inform placement strategy, identify insurer markets, and access management information.

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Every business must make decisions. Relying on instinct may work for some but informing key decisions with accurate management information would likely be the preferred route for most.  

The Broker Insights platform has been built from the ground up as a tool to help both insurers and brokers access key information in an instant and to enable them to inform their strategic decisions.   

The platform provides an intuitive set of tools, charts, filters, and overlays that help both brokers and insurers interrogate their data and discover new insights.   

During a recent call with Broker Insights’ Trading Team, Mandy Kisbee, commercial director at Insurewise, mentioned how impressed she was with the platform, how easy it is to use and how it has helped her to gain a complete view of the business.  

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“Since joining Broker Insights, we have been increasingly using the platform, to inform our placement strategy, identify insurer markets, and access management information.  

“It is really user friendly, and I’m impressed by how easy it is to obtain the information you need at a high level, or to apply filters to our data and begin to explore new opportunities.   

“We are keen to start trading with a number of Broker Insights insurer partners and it’s great that the platform can support this.”   

Broker Insights Head of Trading, Alun McGeoghegan, went on to say:   

“Put simply, Broker Insights turns data into knowledge.   

“While every business has data, being able to readily gain insights from their data is critical. The knowledge gained from our platform helps our broker and insurer partners by informing key decisions, both at a strategic level and case-by-case.  

The platform is an incredibly powerful tool, which represents a transformational change for many. To help maximise the platform’s potential, our team of trainers is working with both new and existing platform users to embed or refresh the necessary skills, while our Trading Team provides ongoing support to help meet commercial objectives.”  

If you would like to learn more about our training provision, working with our Trading Team, or how to join the platform, please get in contact.   

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