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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Adapt or Perish: Why Insurers and Brokers Must Embrace Technological Change 

Adapt or Perish 2

Adaptability is the key to survival, not just in the natural world, but also in the world of business. As technology continues to reshape industries, insurers and brokers stand at a crossroads where failure to embrace technological change could mean their businesses are at risk of falling behind competitors. 

The Digital Transformation 

The insurance industry, historically seen as conservative and slow to change, is now undergoing a profound transformation driven by technology. From AI-powered underwriting and claims processing to blockchain-enabled contracts and data analytics, technology is revolutionising how insurance products are developed, sold, and managed. This change is reshaping customer expectations, business operations, and competitive landscapes. 

The need for change

  • Changing customer expectations: Customers now expect quicker interactions, better choice and easy 24/7 access to information and support. For example, insurers that fail to offer user-friendly online portals, quick claims processing through automated systems, and personalised policy options risk losing customers to more tech-savvy competitors. 
  • Accelerating efficiency and cost management: Technology can streamline operations, reducing human error, and optimising processes. Insurers and brokers that cling to manual workflows may find themselves burdened by higher operational costs and longer processing times, ultimately affecting their bottom line.
  • Deeper data-driven insights: Data is the new gold, and the commercial insurance sector has a treasure trove of it. Those who harness data analytics can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, risk assessment, and market trends. Failure to capitalise on this data-driven approach can lead to non-data-driven decisions. 
  • New competitors and business models: Technology-driven startups are redefining the insurance landscape by leveraging innovative business models and digital platforms. These newcomers can quickly gain market share by offering flexible, tailor-made solutions, often at a lower cost. Established organisations must innovate to stay competitive.
  • Evolving regulatory compliance: Regulatory bodies are adapting to the digital age, introducing guidelines that encourage the use of technology for transparency, fraud detection, and compliance. Insurers and brokers that don’t align with these changes could fall behind. 

The way ahead

For those operating within the commercial insurance sector, the way ahead is clear: technologically adapt or perish.  

  • Invest in innovation: While allocating resources to research and development may be restricted to larger organisations, exploring opportunities to better use technology is available to all. If you are keen to understand how AI, machine learning, blockchain, or IoT can enhance operations and customer experiences, there will be a choice of suppliers willing to provide support. 
  • Cultivate digital talent: Recruit tech-savvy professionals who can drive the integration of cutting-edge technologies within the organisation. 
  • Adopt an agile mindset: Foster a culture of adaptability by encouraging employees to embrace change, stay ahead of industry trends, and complement their existing practices with new tools that enhance operations.  
  • Collaborate and build partnerships: Collaborate with industry pioneers and technology providers to harness their expertise and stay at the forefront of innovation. 
  • Focus on a customer-centric approach: Prioritise customer needs by offering user-friendly digital interfaces, personalised services, and quick responses through digital and automated systems. 

The insurance industry is at a pivotal moment. Organisations that cling to traditional methods risk being overshadowed by those who embrace technological evolution. Survival hinges not on brute strength but on the ability to adapt. Those that take on board this evolutionary lesson will not only survive but thrive in the dynamic landscape of the digital age. 

With Broker Insights VisionTM, you can see the commercial insurance market with clarity. Using Vision‘s powerful insights you can shape your strategy for success. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today.

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