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MatchPoints uses key data points to intelligently match the right broker risk, with the right insurers, at the right time.



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A picture paints a thousand words

Painting the right placement picture for 2024 with Broker Insights VisionTM.

Painting the right placement picture for 2024
with Broker Insights VisionTM.

By now, most brokers will have a solid understanding of their strategic direction and commercial plans for 2024, with the aim of hitting the ground running in the new year. 

When it comes to planning and target setting, the better data insight you have the better informed your business and strategic decisions can be, allowing you to paint a clear picture for the year ahead. Without sufficient information and insight, brokers risk repeating the same approach year in year out, and returning the same, or poorer, results. 

Using Broker Insights VisionTM , brokers have access to highly effective data visualisation tools, giving easy access to data insights and facilitating ongoing collaboration with insurer partners. Using formats such as charts and graphs, our platform tools make complex data more accessible, understandable, and actionable for decision-making.  

The Vision platform contains a wealth of data visualisation solutions, which support placement strategy setting and management. For example, brokers can access the Placement Overview page and clearly see how many live agencies they have and how many live policies are placed with each market – the larger the tile, the more business is placed with that insurer. 

This effective data visualisation tool allows brokers to identify barely used markets and drill down to find opportunities to rationalise agencies, moving business to preferred insurers. This can be useful for brokers seeking to set strategies with their preferred insurer partners, and for collaborating with their partners to drive progress towards targets. 

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Brokers can also access graphs detailing GWP Insights and income analysis, presenting complex data on commercial book performance in an instantly accessible format. These graphs provide easily accessible management information, without the need to run extensive reports and conduct further analysis. 

Many of Vision’s graphs and visual displays also allow users to drill down into the data, giving you further detail. This can play a key part in informing business decisions and strengthening the connection between insurers and brokers. 


With Broker Insights VisionTM, the data required to inform plans can be readily ‘visualised’ within the platform, allowing you to set, input, and track your strategy, and helping to ensure that the picture you paint for the year ahead meets your expectations. 

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