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Blog: Championing Diversity and Inclusion at Broker Insights

Learn more about Broker Insights’ commitment to maintaining an inclusive working environment.

Within just three years, Broker Insights has grown from a team of three to a workforce of over forty staff across the UK. With plans to double the workforce again in the near future to support continued platform development, maintaining our corporate culture is an important consideration. 

To support our collective efforts, Broker Insights has signed the Fintech for All charter – an industry-led initiative to promote diversity and inclusion within the fintech sector. 

HR and Operations Support Executive, Kirsty McKinlay, believes that signing the pledge reinforces Broker Insights’ inclusive culture, commitment to promoting diversity, and desire to be a force for good.  

“In accordance with the charter, in my role as D&I Champion, I oversee our employee awareness around inclusive practices. To maintain awareness, all Broker Insights staff are tasked with completing annual CPD modules covering a range of subjects such as bias and diversity, bullying and harassment in the workplace, and equality, diversity and inclusion. 

“The Fintech for All initiative helps us ensure our recruitment processes are fair and transparent and that each staff member feels supported in their role. I am pleased to say that, so far in my time at Broker Insights, I have seen first-hand how the fantastic culture and output and attitude of our team go hand in hand.  Signing up to the Fintech for All initiative solidifies the commitment of the team in these areas.”  

Fraser Edmond, CEO for Broker Insights, proudly endorses the organisation’s core beliefs.  

From day one, we have strived to build a company that people want to work at. Today’s team structure and our corporate culture reflect this core belief. As CEO, I am personably accountable for Diversity & Inclusion across the business. I’m immensely proud of the team we have built, which is evident both in our working environment and in the output the team delivers.  

“Our decision to sign the Fintech for All Charter further endorses our commitment to maintaining an inclusive working environment here at Broker Insights.” 

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