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Blog: Broker Insights Team Building Ideas With A Twist – July 2019

To help build relationships across our different functions and locations, we organised a team-building day of fun challenges in our HQ city of Dundee.

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Our team talk about a recent day-out and the importance of staying connected…

If you’re part of a nationally spread team, you’ll appreciate the importance and difficulty of ensuring everyone feels plugged into the HQ and part of a united team.

To help our team build relationships across different functions and geographical boundaries, we organised a team-building day in our HQ city of Dundee with activities that complemented our company values, one of these being ‘Be Bold and Challenge the Status Quo‘…

Fun on a shoestring budget

We try not to spend loads of money on lavish outings because we’d rather invest back into our customers. Organised fun on a tight budget was challenging but we came up with a solution… Urban Orienteering! To stay true to our brand we called it the ‘Urban Radar Challenge’… because we make sure regional brokers are on the radar of leading insurers.

The Broker Insights social committee thought up comedy value challenges that pushed people slightly out their comfort zone and matched our company values. Teams were asked to complete as many challenges as possible in a two-hour window. The crazier the challenge that was completed, the more points the team won for completing it.

All challenges had to be evidenced with photos or videos and the team with the most points won. (For non-Scots in the audience – ‘Don’t get lifted’ below means – don’t get arrested.)

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Urban orienteering challenges

Our location was brilliant for this activity because we had the seaside, play parks, landmarks and shopping/restaurants on our doorstep, but all challenges can be tailored to fit your location. Here’s a small selection to kick off some ideas…

Urban Radar for blog e1563879446487

Safe to say we had loads of fun, the challenges were huge ice breakers, and the afternoon was rounded off with fish and chips then a pub crawl…next year’s team day has a tough act to follow!

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