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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More

NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


VISION for Brokers

Reveal the best placement opportunities and place more business with key partners.

VISION for Insurers & MGAs

Discover untapped market opportunities, increase your efficiency and boost your bottom line.


MatchPoints uses key data points to intelligently match the right broker risk, with the right insurers, at the right time.



Empowering Brokers and Insurers through data-driven decision-making.
Join our Vision for a stronger future in commercial insurance.

Lenses and MatchPoints™: Getting to know Broker Insights Vision™

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At Broker Insights, we unlock technology and data, enabling insurers and brokers to develop a new way of working. For years, our unique, market-leading capability has been transforming insurer distribution and sales and delivering trading efficiency for brokers.   

Over time, both our business and our market offering have grown, prompting the need for our evolved brand and a new website to reflect our new platform product offering. 

Why did we name the platform Vision? 

Fraser Edmond, CEO, explains:

“The data from Broker Insights Vision (Vision) allows partners to see the commercial insurance market clarity and then unlock the power of this data. By taking a look at Broker Insights’ updated website, brokers, insurers and MGAs can learn more about how our independent insurance intelligence is transforming their performance.” 

Brokers: Overview of Vision

For brokers, Vision is transforming outcomes for brokers of all sizes, and we have options to suit everyone.  

  • Vision – Meeting the needs of independent regional brokers 
  • Vision Enterprise – Bringing clarity to complex data for large, national and global brokers and networks 

Brokers gain access to unique market lenses which let them see and act upon powerful insights within data. Each version comes with certain lenses as standard, and users can upgrade to add more, where required. 

  • Business Insights  
  • Placement Strategy 
  • Placement Management 
  • Performance Management
  • Custom Views

Insurers and MGAs: Overview of Vision

For insurers and MGAs, Vision brings clarity to the market, helps improve broker engagement and drives sales, distribution and underwriting efficiency. 

At a glance, insurers and MGAs can also access important insights with our market lenses. Vision for insurers and MGAs have standardised lenses. 

  • Activity Insights 
  • Market Opportunity
  • Custom Views
  • Prospect Search
  • Prospect Workflow 


MatchPoints relates to the platform’s ability to overlay multiple data sources and create an ever-increasing range of intelligent matches.  

New Resources for Brokers, Insurers and MGAs 

There are lots of resources available on our new website, but don’t just take our word for how we’re transforming the commercial insurance industry. Read a case study and hear what our broker, insurer and MGA partners have to say about Vision. The blog and news sections are regularly updated so be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletters.

If you’re not already using Vision, why not book a free demo? Join our Vision of how the commercial insurance market’s future can be strengthened. 

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