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Renewal Management Introduction

Renewals are a fundamental part of a broker’s life.  If a policy stays with the existing insurer, renewals can be relatively easy to manage.  However, when a case is marketed, renewals can require considerable time. With Broker Insights Vision , the process becomes much easier.  

It all starts with a good placement strategy 

Firstly, using Vision, Brokers can explore and set their strategy with the placement strategy tool. This product feature allows brokers to track appetites, define growth targets with insurer partners, and understand the feasibility of their goals. Thereafter, brokers can streamline renewals using the Renewal Management tool. 

Renewal Management is easier with Data Insights  

Vision provides a new level of insight to frontline staff working on renewals.  Staff can easily see what’s up for renewal and can see insurers’ appetites, highlighting where renewals can be placed. With this enhanced use of data, brokers can reduce the time wasted on ‘out-of-appetite’ proposals and simplify their renewal process.  

Overall, with Vision Renewal Management you can: 

  • Identify policies that align with your strategy 
  • Understand the progress of each renewal  
  • View customers’ linked policies at point of renewal  
  • Manage your renewal pipeline with ease  
  • See your matched opportunities 
  • Explore available markets for placement 

Improve customer service 

Less time preparing for renewals means more time to spend with clients and more time on growing the business.  The intelligent matching within Broker Insights Vision matches client renewal opportunities with our insurer partners’ appetites.  Therefore, brokers can target proposals and secure several quotations from responsive insurers, helping fulfil their FCA obligations around fair analysis of the market, while enabling more time to deliver a customer-focused service to their clients. 

The updated Renewal Management feature is now live, helping you offer a great renewal service, improve overall customer satisfaction and optimise your workflow for growth. 

About Broker Insights Vision  

May 2023 marked a significant milestone for Broker Insights as we unveiled our enhanced platform, Broker Insights Vision™. It is set to empower brokers like never before, enabling you to make data-driven decisions, accelerate growth, and enhance customer satisfaction.  

In the last few months, we have focused on Business Overview and Placement strategy.  Make sure you return to the blog for future feature reviews as we roll out this major platform upgrade.  

If you’re already part of the Broker Insights community, your Trading Manager will be in touch to discuss your upgrade.  

If you’re not and want to know more, email and follow us on LinkedIn. 

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