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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More

NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Blog: Taking Insights to Another Level

Why Broker Insights should be the first thing you switch on when you get to the office – after the kettle, of course.


Client information is complicated and can be extremely hard to manage. Extracting insights from client data can be harder still.  

Here at Broker Insights, we believe that role specific access to insights, drawn from data, is essential to maximising potential. 

To support access to insights, the platform enhances data in multiple ways, specifically: 

  • 1: Make data make sense  
  • By converting complex data into charts and visual tools, Broker Insights saves platform users time and effort by making insights readily accessible 
  • Platform filters enable users to drill down into reports and dashboard views and get the information they need, quickly and efficiently 
  • Dashboard views and easy navigation reduce the need to run extensive reports – it’s all presented within the system 
  • 2: An ‘End-To-End’ Solution  
  • Broker Insights works alongside existing software houses or proprietary back-office systems, consolidating and enhancing renewal information to create actionable data-insights 
  • No need to invest in a platform that requires continual updates – Broker Insights is securely cloud-based, allowing for automatic updates and enhancements of platform functionality and appetite criteria  
  • For brokers with more than one software house or system, Broker Insights can present a consolidated view of all renewal data, helping firms see the bigger picture 
  • 3: Identify and Maximise Opportunities  
  • Broker Insights’ ‘intelligent match-making’ technology allows brokers to identify actionable opportunities and appetite-matched markets 
  • The platform helps to educate the broker market, regarding insurer appetite, saving time prospectively issuing and chasing up proposals. If an insurer’s underwriting appetite changes, the platform criteria are updated 
  • Appetite-matched markets are instantly visible, and direct communication with insurers saves time and effort 
  • Build a pipeline of renewal opportunities within the platform and focus engagement on those markets with an interest in each risk  

This is a brief snapshot of the various features and benefits Broker Insights offers. Our aim for Broker Insights is that when you enter the office, it’s the first thing you switch on – after the kettle, of course.  

New to Broker Insights? 

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