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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Blog: The First 100(ish) Days – Katie Nobes, Training Manager


Broker Insights has welcomed many new members to our team throughout 2021, and we have been introducing them along the way. Therefore, we thought it would be nice to revisit some of our newer team members to find out how they are getting on and how they have enjoyed their time at Broker Insights so far.

First, we sat down with our Training Manager, Katie Nobes, to find out about her first 100(ish) days and the improvements that have been made to Broker Insights training activities:

How has your perception of Broker Insights changed since you started your new role?

Before joining Broker Insights, I was aware of the platform as I had the opportunity to see it from the MI side in my previous role.  Since starting with the team, I have learned about all the other features available to our broker and insurer partners.  It’s clear to me what an invaluable tool Broker Insights is in helping both groups place business and easily understand the opportunities available to them.

What are the main differences between your previous role and Training Manager at Broker Insights?

I am now delivering training to insurers as well as brokers.  So far, working with our insurer partners and gaining an appreciation of how they work and what they need to be able to get the best out of the platform has been excellent. As my role is a brand-new position within Broker Insights, I have been able to create a training strategy for the company from scratch and use my skills and experience to maximise the impact of the strategy. I am enjoying being able to implement ideas quickly to improve our customers’ training journey.

What changes have you implemented since starting to create a positive impact for our partners?

I think the most significant change that I have made is in our training delivery.  Previously, our training was comprised of simple platform demonstrations.  This has evolved into interactive walkthroughs with the expectation that attendees are logged into the platform, clicking along with me.  The new training programme has worked well to bring the sessions to life and means we get a lot more interaction from our customers as they are looking at meaningful data. I am also creating best-practice guides to give all users a good baseline for starting their journey with the Broker Insights platform.

What has been your favourite thing so far about working at Broker Insights?

I am enjoying being part of a friendly and supportive team at Broker Insights. As I have gone through my initial learning period, I have felt supported, and everyone has answered my millions of questions – even the daft ones!  I am also enjoying the fast-paced environment where no two days are the same! It gives me a chance to learn new skills and implement them while still focussing on keeping our customers at the heart of what I do.

If you would like to learn more about Broker Insights new training provision, please get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements.

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