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A Poor Commercial Insurance Placement Strategy Leaves a Trail

A Poor Placement Strategy Leaves a Trail

In the intricate world of commercial insurance, success hinges on a delicate balance of strategy, relationships and expertise. One crucial aspect that can make or break a broker’s success is their placement strategy.

Impact on business performance:

One of the primary indicators of a flawed placement strategy is its direct impact on broker’s earning potential. A poor strategy may lead to suboptimal policy placements, resulting in a risk of incorrect levels of cover and impacting relationships with carriers and the ability to leverage insurer deals.

Brokers who fail to adequately assess and understand their client’s needs may find themselves negotiating unfavourable terms or overlooking potential opportunities for upselling additional coverage.

Number of agencies:

A diverse portfolio of insurers is often seen as a strength. However, an excessive number of agencies may signify a lack of focus and strategic alignment. Brokers who spread themselves too thin across numerous agencies may struggle to maintain strong relationships with key partners. This dispersion of efforts can hinder the broker’s ability to negotiate favourable terms, access specialised knowledge, and receive timely support.

Cases placed per agency:

Analysis by Broker Insights suggests that on average, brokers only actively utilise around half of their agency base.

Efficiency in placing cases is a critical metric for evaluating a placement strategy’s effectiveness. Brokers who consistently struggle to place cases or face a high rejection rate may be grappling with a poorly developed strategy. This could be attributed to inadequate market research, failure to understand underwriting guidelines, or a misalignment between client needs and available policies. A low success rate in placing cases not only affects the broker’s credibility and puts their clients at risk of inadequate coverage, but also impacts on the ability to optimise their resources.

Insurer responsiveness:

Effective communication and responsiveness from insurers are vital components of a successful placement strategy. Brokers who experience delays in receiving quotes, policy information, or responses to enquiries may be working with insurers that are not fully aligned. Poor insurer responsiveness can lead to missed opportunities, frustrated clients, and a tarnished professional reputation. A lack of efficient communication between brokers and insurers may indicate a need to reassess and realign the broker’s selection of partners.


In the competitive landscape of commercial insurance, a poor placement strategy can have far-reaching consequences. The signs mentioned above serve as red flags for brokers to evaluate and refine their approach to ensure sustainable success. By focusing on business performance, agency representation, success rates, and insurer responsiveness, commercial insurance brokers can steer clear of pitfalls and build on their reputation as trusted advisors who consistently secure the best coverage for their clients at acceptable rates.

To learn more about Broker Insights VisionTM and see how our award-winning technology can help set your placement strategy, get in touch.

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