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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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From Start-Up to Scale-Up: Broker Insights Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary 

5th birthday 4

As we mark the fifth anniversary of the launch of Broker Insights platform, we take a look back at our journey, seeing how far the company has come and where our technology is heading. 

Cause for celebration 

Broker Insights began with an idea for a platform to better connect brokers and insurers via data. Starting with just four staff, we made this idea a reality, with the launch of the first version of the platform on October 3rd, 2018. Five years on, we now have 50+ staff, all helping to continually improve information workflows in the commercial insurance sector. 

Company Co-founder, Iain Crole, EVP at Broker Insights, comments,

“We could not let the anniversary pass un-celebrated. I am proud to say that as the team and business has grown, it has remained true to its core values and remains a fantastic place to work. A place that celebrates success and does not need many excuses to throw a party.” 


Platform evolution 

At the core of our growth over the past five years has been the evolution of the platform, which has developed to meet the increased requirements of both brokers and insurers.

“What started with an idea quickly became a sea of opportunities”, reflects Matthew Callaghan, Head of Technology at Broker Insights.  

“As part of our fifth anniversary, I went into our archives and found one of the earliest sketches of the platform to detail the functionality we knew that brokers and insurers would need. Using this initial conceptual illustration, we built and launched a platform that would grow far beyond the ideas captured in this sketch. Five years and countless lines of code later, the platform has moved forward immeasurably, while remaining true to the original idea of better connecting brokers with insurers.” 


Launching Broker Insights VisionTM

May 2023 saw the launch of Broker Insights VisionTM, which introduced a number of new features and improvements.

Alun McGeoghegan, Head of Revenue at Broker Insights, explains:  

“We knew that our technology was a must-have for regional brokers, helping them to gain an advantage, drive operational efficiencies, and identify growth opportunities. What was less clear five years ago was the varying needs of brokers of different sizes. From launch in 2018, the next natural step in extending our technology was to introduce product tiers, with Vision being designed for regional brokers and Vision Enterprise being design specifically for national brokers and networks.” 

What’s next? 

Broker Insights continues to attract brokers and insurers. New users share a desire to maximise the value of their data with a partner that offers an independent platform, access to leading insurers, and functionality honed over years of development. And Alan Sanderson, CCO at Broker Insights, believes that we are only just getting started.  

“What began as a simple data exchange has grown into an award-winning primary source of data for the market. Being independent decentralises Broker Insights’ view of the market, unbound by glass ceilings, which lets us draw unique insights to better serve our brokers and insurers.” 

The coming months will see the launch of additional features into the Vision proposition, further extending the outcomes for those utilising the technology:  

Brokers will benefit from more target-setting and monitoring tools to better leverage the value and depth of available data, as well as having the ability to model placement decision outcomes before committing. 

Insurers will be able to use the depth of data to provide insights into upcoming renewals that no-one else in the market can match. 

Alan concluded:

“Looking back at the progress made over the past five years, from the early platform sketches to the launch of Vision, while knowing where the technology is heading and the details of upcoming releases, to say that I’m excited by future prospects is an understatement.” 

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