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Hit the Ground Running in 2024 with Broker Insights

January 2024 Article 1

Making a good start to the year is crucial to achieving your annual goals.

To kickstart 2024, we have gathered the views of a few members of our team regarding the key considerations for the coming year and how Broker Insights can help both brokers and insurers get off to a flying start:

Set strategy and drive progress

To hit your goal, you must have one, along with a strategy and plan for how it can be achieved.

Recent updates to the Placement Strategy lens in Vision have strengthened the platform’s ability to help brokers inform and set their placement strategy.

Simple slider adjustments allow brokers to explore the feasibility of changes to their strategy and the benefits of moving business to preferred insurer partners.

The strategy-setting functions now allow senior management to select a target date for achieving a partner strategy, which opens up further opportunities to work closely with preferred insurers.

Once complete, details of the strategy are implemented across Vision, informing placement, providing visibility to all account users, and enabling brokers to track their strategic deals on a monthly basis.

For further details on strategy setting, read why strategy setting just got easier with Vision’s Placement Strategy Lens.

Head of Trading, Steve Coles

Clear foresight from better insights

Broker Insights VisionTM offers cutting-edge data management tools for both insurers and brokers. These tools allow users to gain valuable insights from data, which in turn support pipeline management and a well-defined roadmap for future commercial success.

By utilising insights derived from data to create a long-term perspective, businesses also gain the opportunity to proactively address challenges on the horizon. This includes early identification and resolution of issues such as resource allocation and potential pipeline shortfalls.

Head of Partnership Management, Andrea Wells

Chase less, place more

As with previous years, service remains a concern across the industry, with insurers being inundated with out-of-appetite presentations and brokers wasting time chasing up non-productive avenues.

This mismatch contributes toward high decline rates and non-responses and is the source of much of the inefficiency and frustration within the market.

Those utilising the MatchPointsTM technology within Broker Insights VisionTM can target presentations towards insurer partners with an appetite for each risk. Once presentations have been issued, brokers can prioritise follow-ups with insurers who have stated an appetite for the risk, leading to far more productive conversations.

As part of your strategy for 2024, a concerted effort on appetite-matched engagement can unlock the benefits of better targeted engagement, which include, but are not limited to, stronger relationships, less waste, increased client outcomes, and more profitable business.

Head of Partnership Management, Alun McGeoghegan

Whatever your goals for 2024, Broker Insights is ready to continue supporting your business.

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