Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Recruitment is an ongoing challenge for the commercial insurance sector. As the labour market shifts and workforce demographics change, so too are the way that businesses are attracting and retaining team members.

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Attracting talent is an ongoing concern in the insurance industry, both for current capacity requirements and future developments.

Stuart McKenna, Business Director for insurance industry recruitment specialists, IDEX Consulting Ltd., has noticed a change in the digital skills requested by employers and offered by candidates.

“We’re seeing a shift in the recognition of digital skills in the insurance market. The switch to virtual working during Covid, and the generalisation of personal branding, have definitely put digital skills in the spotlight.

“Furthermore, proficiency in social media and personal branding can assist business development and client attraction, which, right now, is particularly crucial in the broking sector.”

Alan Sanderson, Broker Insights’ CCO, has first-hand experience of the role digital skills play in recruiting and retaining talent.

“A typical business can expect to churn around 10% of its workforce each year, and this migration strengthens the insurance industry – helping to cross-pollinate skills in systems and platforms between businesses.

“For individuals, upskilling throughout careers is essential and links to job satisfaction. By providing tools which assist day-to-day work while developing skillsets, businesses can create positive working environments which employees want to stay in.”

As the talent pool within insurance focuses on upskilling and digital skills, businesses that adopt technology will differentiate themselves as an attractive proposition, compared to those that don’t.

Utilising a market-leading platform like Broker Insights’, demonstrates a business’ desire to embrace digital solutions and leverage technology, to help support operations and allow individuals to work smarter, not harder. Additionally, Broker Insights provides training for all platform users. This not only clocks CPD hours towards a business’ annual targets but also supports an individual’s desire for upskilling and professional development.

To book a training session or refresher, please contact your Trading Manager or Strategic Account Manager.

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