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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Blog: What A Year – December 2018


We say a big thank you to everyone who supported us in 2019…

It’s been a year since we launched Broker Insights and it’s great to see how far we’ve come. We are incredibly excited about the year ahead and are full of thanks to everyone who has helped us on our journey so far.

Our business has been and will continue to be built on feedback. Feedback from customers, partners, advisors, team members and friends. We believe that what we’ve created so far, and continue to develop, will have a profound positive impact on the commercial insurance industry, not only for sales, marketing and distribution activity but also business relationships and their dynamics.

From our chairman and board of directors we would like to thank:

Insurer Partners and Friends

Thank you to our live insurers Hiscox, Zurich, QBE, AXA and Ecclesiastical for embracing data-driven business solutions and a different way of getting things done.

Broker Partners and Friends

We are especially grateful for our early adopter broker partners and friends who bought into our concept from day one. Thank you for embracing positive change and agreeing to be part of Broker Insights before the platform went live, when we were talking to you about an idea. Thank you for providing us with honest sounding boards, invaluable insight into broker challenges and generally encouraging us across all business areas. Also, our thanks for talking about us and recommending us to other like-minded progressive brokers. Please continue to do so, we are forever grateful.

Compliance and Conduct

Thank you to RWA Compliance for noticing that we were different and complementary to the regulatory agenda as well as helping us to grow.

Ongoing Business Support

From day one, the support received from Scottish Enterprise and our account manager Joyce Matthew has been invaluable. Your support has enabled us to accelerate recruitment, marketing and sales activity as well as platform development.


Barrie Moran and Purple Imp, thank you for critical early day technical support and ongoing digital support.

Our specialist Security Consultancy, who for security reasons cannot be named, thank you.

Thanks to the team at Finling Associates, especially Jennifer, Lucy, Tony and Rami as our outsourced FD and finance team who keep the numbers rolling.


For keeping us right, thanks to Blackadders Solicitors, particularly Campbell Clark, Susan McFadyen and Ruth Weir. Your support, advice and customer service has been second to none, as have Stephen Trombala and the team at Shepherd and Wedderburn.


For recognising our achievements to date and our team, thanks to Scottish EDGE, who awarded us £75K for our ‘innovative and unique offering, credible team with just the right mix of skills, great traction to date and huge potential with global reach’. Your responsiveness and ongoing support has been incredible.

And thanks to RBS, FWB Park Brown, Dell Technologies and The Times for crowning us winners of the Power Up Award, which came with an £80,000 prize.


We would like to thank all the following for their help and support this year:

Lauren Rennet and her team at Elastic Creative for designing our genius logo, helping us to articulate what we do and developing our brand and on-line identity.

Jon Clements and Metamorphic PR for going over and above with all projects we’ve worked on together, and Nick Freer for putting us on the map amongst the Scottish press.

Ida Axling at Insurance Age and Mark Richardson at Insurance Times for your continued support and coverage.

Paul Handleigh and the team at YouTalk for continuously surpassing our service expectations and making new faces feel welcome in the industry.

Fintech Scotland for getting behind us from the get-go and providing us with a platform to talk to new audiences.


For helping us to find and grow our brilliant team across insurance and technology, thanks to the team at IDEX and BIT recruitment.

Our Team

And last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to our team for all the hard work to date, and thanks in advance for the harder work in 2019 as we really start to ramp up. We are proud to have such a dynamic, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team. 2019… Bring. It. On!

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