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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Blog: Broker Insights Strengthens Team

Following the recent investment announcement, Broker Insights has been swift to recruit leading talent to help strengthen our teams across the business and build momentum.

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As the fastest growing community of independent regional brokers in the UK, Broker Insights is committed to continuously improving its proposition for both our broker and insurer partners.   

Following the recent announcement of a £6M series-A funding round, the business has been swift to act, recruiting nine new members of staff in January 2022. 

Each new member of the team brings additional skills, experience, and capacity, to maintain and accelerate the business’ momentum within the UK commercial insurance market. 

Dr Alan Sanderson joins as Chief Commercial Officer, to lead UK commercial business activity across both broker and insurer sales and management. 

Dr Sanderson, who officially joined the team on 1st February, brings a wealth of financial sector experience, including recent digital deployment and change management roles within the insurance sector. Commenting on the appointment, Broker Insights CEO, Fraser Edmond, said:  

“Alan’s skills and experience will really add to those of our commercial team and help to drive success with our business partners as well as provide a valuable perspective and insight into the future development of our product.” 

Martin Banks joins Broker Insights to lead a new Strategic Account Management Team, tasked with supporting our insurer partners in meeting their objectives, maximising opportunity capture through effective utilisation of the platform, and driving engagement between insurers and brokers. 

In a change from his previous role at Broker Insights, Alun McGeoghegan has taken on the role of Head of Trading leading the newly formed Trading Team.  

The Trading Team will work alongside our broker partners and their regional insurer counterparts to help them fully utilise the platform to reduce friction in market engagements, identify opportunities and help drive efficiency and effectiveness.  

Commenting on his new role, Alun McGeoghegan looks forward to strengthening the data connection between brokers and insurers:  

“Up until this point, the management team has been covering multiple roles, as the business has grown at such a fast pace. It’s great to see the investment in the team which will strengthen our capacity. My new role leading the Trading Team is a fantastic opportunity to truly focus on transforming the interaction and trading activity between brokers and partner markets.” 

The pace of growth has also prompted further investment in the Broker Sales Team. Head of Sales, Dave Smith, has welcomed three new Sales Managers, Tom Williams, Liam Nugent, and Lewis Sweenie, who will engage with brokers throughout the UK, respond to inbound enquiries, and raise awareness of the platform via events and roadshows.  

With five new brokers projected to join the platform each month throughout 2022, having sufficient training resources is vitally important. Richard Wade joins Katie Nobes and doubles the capacity of the training department.  They will help both brokers and insurers to embed the system in the day-to-day workflow and extract the maximum potential from the technology. 

The Strategic Sales Team welcomes Louise Mason in a Sales Support role, working alongside the head of department, Steve Coles, to help develop relationships with insurers, large brokers, and industry stakeholders, and to drive uptake of the Market Management proposition. 

Product development has seen the platform grow from the core concept to a muti-faceted solution that is driving transformational changes in the market. In taking on the new role of Implementation Manager, Julia Hunter joins at an exciting time, to help drive the development and launch of new products and features such as the Alerts and Notifications System. 

As the number of employees continues to increase, the requirement for a dedicated HR role has also increased, prompting the appointment of Kirsty McKinlay as HR and Operations Executive, working in a hybrid role across human resources and the wider Operations Team.  

Commenting on the new additions to the team, Broker Insights EVP, Iain Crole, is proud to have secured the resources needed to accelerate growth:  

“Following this latest round of recruitment, we now have the additional staff needed to deliver the next phase of our journey, to support brokers and drive system utilisation, and to equip our insurer partners for success. 

“I am immensely proud of the team that we have built, which has helped to grow the business from a start-up in 2018, to the present day. It also fills me with pride to see the team continue to grow, as high-calibre team members are attracted to the business.  

“We have come a long way in a short time; these latest additions to the Broker Insights family will help to further build momentum and deliver our ongoing growth plans. With a mixture of industry and non-insurance industry backgrounds, they each bring a skillset and enthusiasm that will help take Broker Insights to the next level. Exciting times for sure.” 

Further new starters are scheduled to join the business throughout the first half of 2022 including roles in compliance, customer service, finance, sales, and account management, helping Broker Insights to continue to deliver a market leading service to its partners. 

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