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Strategy setting is easy with Broker Insights

Strategy Setting

Strategy setting just got easier with a feature update to Vision’s Placement Strategy Lens

Following broker feedback, a feature update within Vision now allows Broker Managers to select a target date for achieving a partner strategy. Previously, users were only able to set a strategy up until the end of the current calendar year, whereas now, they can set the target date to any date in the future.  

This feature update allows brokers to set short-term, long-term or time-bound insurer targets.

Strategy setting and how to maximise Placement Strategy 

With this update to the strategy setting feature, brokers are better able to understand the feasibility of the target, reflected by the appetite matched opportunity. Strengthening Vision’s ability to help brokers set their placement strategy opens up further opportunities to work closely with preferred insurers. 

A 3-step method allows brokers to explore the feasibility of changes to their strategy and the benefits of moving business to preferred insurer partners.  The total opportunity available will reflect what is available to the broker within the chosen timeline.

Targets set are then reflected and distributed across the other tools within Vision to inform front line staff and all account users. Results can be tracked easily in the platform.

strategy setting

After strategy setting, brokers can then use Renewal Management to distribute their strategy throughout their organisation. 

About Broker Insights Vision™   

Broker Insights Vision™ accepts data from any software house or proprietary broking system to deliver a clear picture of brokers’ held book. This improved clarity, alongside new visibility of the market,  revolutionises efficiency and earnings, helping brokers save up to 30% of their time when engaging markets.  

Furthermore, to help brokers develop their partner goals, our team has put together key considerations to hit the ground running in 2024. Contact your Broker Relationship Manager to learn more and ensure that you follow Broker Insights LinkedIn for future news.  

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