• Broker Insights is so simple and refreshing, not dissimilar to the mechanism used by AutoTrader and similar platforms. It saves my teams time, by matching my hidden client information with the Insurer appetite, to help our client get the right product for them. Our overall placement strategy and processes remain in our control, but we add to our earnings with very little effort.
    Peter Lycett-Williams, Operations Director, AMB Insurance
  • Broker Insights gives us a new level of granularity on our existing book through the analytics reporting we receive. The solution will save the GS team time because insurers who want to write our risks will proactively approach us. The platform is simple to use and a great enabler in our business growth strategy.
    George Stubbs, Group Chairman, GS Group
  • Broker Insights is one of the most exciting and innovative developments in Insurance Broking technology that I have seen in recent years. We believe that partnering with Broker Insights will bring tangible benefits to our clients by increasing the scope of choice that we have available as well as widening the product selection that we can offer.
    Paul Beck, Director, Amicus Insurance Solutions
  • We immediately saw the benefit, for our Commercial Clients, and how they would get the best deal for their Insurance not only regarding price, but also the best product for Client and Insurer. The concept that Broker Insights are delivering is innovative in that Insurers proactively contact us regarding the Commercial Clients they actually want to quote for.
    Stuart McGregor, Director, Calcluth & Sangster
  • As brokers, the data we hold is one of the most valuable assets we have and needs to be used to maximise its business potential. Broker Insights provides a unique market leading opportunity to achieve this.
    Mark Bennett, CEO, Bennett Christmas
  • The platform provides insurers with visibility of the regional market, empowering them to proactively grow in areas which match their risk appetite. If I were a Sales Director, Sales Manager or BDM, I'd be using Broker Insights as the primary source for business development.
    Neil Campbell, MD, CCRS
  • Although it’s early days, I think that Broker Insights is a potentially fantastic tool that will help us write more business. In time I’m confident it will become a valuable resource for our business.
    John Palmer, Franchisee of Coversure Poole and Weymouth

Essential Risk Solutions

Jonathan Popple, MD of Essential Risk Solutions talks to Broker Insights about his refreshed business model and why joining the Broker Insights search platform supports his growth strategy.

Jonathan’s aims for this year focuses on winning new markets and growing existing books whilst reducing the cost of operation.

As a new broker partner, ERS will get more:

  • Attention from leading insurers
  • Time back to spend with clients
  • Streamlined and efficient trading processes

Jonathan comments on his key driver for joining the platform;

“Insurer engagement and getting them interested in our clients. To have major insurers knocking on the door of a smaller broker is a game changer.

Broker Insights complements our existing frameworks and technology; we’re part of the Purple Partnership network and use Applied. The three providers serve our business and end clients in different ways, giving us a well-rounded, comprehensive support system.”

How does Broker Insights get ERS more engagement from leading insurers?

  • Client risks appear in relevant insurer user searches within the platform. The insurer user then contacts ERS with an appetite to write the risk, having already qualified the opportunity before contact is made.Brokers who sign up to the platform could appear in 51 daily searches by insurers and the number of daily searches is constantly growing
  • In addition to discovering ERS through the platform, Broker Insights’ Account Managers make introductions to the relevant insurer users to help strengthen existing relationships and create new ones.

How does Broker Insights give ERS more time to spend with clients?

  • Brokers don’t have to push cases around the market or chase for quotes. Instead, insurers approach you with an appetite to write the client risk having found and qualified the opportunity through the Broker Insights search platform.

How are trading processes streamlined with search technology?

  • Insurers find policies they are interested in through granular search criteria and pre-qualify the opportunity before they make an inbound enquiry to the broker.

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