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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Doubling GWP with CLEAR Insurance Management

Case Study

Clear 3

CLEAR Insurance Management Ltd (CLEAR) is one of the top twenty insurance brokers in the UK. Having expanded through a successful acquisition strategy, the firm now manages data from 14 offices.


To effectively oversee and manage its complex and fast-growing ‘data estate’, CLEAR needed systems, processes and tools that not only met their immediate requirements but would also facilitate further growth. And it turned to Broker Insights.

Broker Insights has worked with CLEAR since 2021, delivering a standalone version of the Vision Enterprise platform that is designed to meet their data management challenges, while being aligned to their collective held book, placement strategy, and the appetite of their partner insurers. The platform has proved highly effective, contributing towards a number of CLEAR’s strategic objectives:



CLEAR is continually compiling and synthesising data from newly acquired brokers and, as Sarah Sparrow, Placement Performance Manager at CLEAR, explains, “The rate of growth can present a challenge; Broker Insights’ Vision Enterprise helps to meet that challenge. As the platform is ‘software house agnostic’, CLEAR can upload data from any back-office system and provide a unified central view.”

Workflow efficiency

Each team or office within CLEAR uses Vision Enterprise differently, adapting it to their individual needs, which is a huge benefit for the firm.

Agency rationalisation

Acquiring businesses typically introduces new agencies to CLEAR’s collective agency holding. “We use Vision Enterprise”, says Sarah, “to identify barely used markets and explore opportunities to rationalise our agencies. Using the dashboards, filters, Power BI, and reports, we routinely pull book totals and identify those under a minimum value, before exploring where can we move business.”

Data Insight

Sarah has also found Enterprise helpful in producing reports for monthly or quarterly meetings. “These reports are used to facilitate conversations with insurers and, from experience, make it far easier and far more educated as conversations are more aligned to opportunities drawn from data,” she explains. “I also use Vision Enterprise to produce data packs and pipelining packs. It’s a massive value add for CLEAR, supporting key partner service deliverables.”


Over the past two years, CLEAR has moved from having 60% of its combined held book with key partners to over 72%, it has doubled GWP and grown its workforce from 220 people to over 700 – and it is forecast to achieve a target of £750m GWP by 2025.

“What truly makes the partnership with Broker Insights a success is Vision Enterprise’s ability to streamline complicated data sets from multiple offices into one centralised platform”, concludes Sarah. “Vision Enterprise enables CLEAR to oversee our entire ‘estate’, make strategic placement decisions, and implement the strategy across the organisation.”

From left to right: Alun McGeoghegan (Head of Revenue, Broker Insights), Sarah Sparrow (Placement Performance Manager, CLEAR), Craig Taylor (Trading Manager, Broker Insights), Andrew Moses (Group Head of Placement, CLEAR).

Key Facts

  • Over 72% of held book now with key partners
  • Doubled GWP
  • Grown workforce from 220 to 700+
  • Set to achieve £750m GWP by 2025

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