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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Securing multiple six-figure deals with Allianz

Case Study

How Allianz is partnering with Broker Insights

How Allianz is partnering with Broker Insights.

Allianz is one of the world’s leading insurers, providing global business insurance for more than half of the Fortune Global 500 companies. It offers tailored and specialist insurance for businesses of all types and sizes. Learn how Allianz is partnering with Broker Insights to build and enhance its UK broker relationships.

Lewis Heathorn, Business Development Manager (BDM) at Allianz, establishes and maintains long-term sustainable trading relationships with a defined panel of brokers, coordinating the company’s proposition to market and enabling the growth of accounts. Lewis talked us through some of the outcomes Allianz has seen from using Broker Insights VisionTM.


Lewis explained that Allianz saw Vision primarily as a way to identify new business opportunities and grow its book. It also uses Broker Insights’ data and insight capabilities to analyse SOW, identifying which brokers to target, as well as rollover and consolidation opportunities for its BDMs.


One of the key benefits that Lewis says Allianz has gained from joining Vision is streamlined trading. Now, explained Lewis, Vision’s technology lets Allianz’s underwriters pinpoint prospects with the click of a button, including new opportunities with brokers that may not have previously been visible to them. Vision also efficiently combines multiple reports into one list of upcoming cases for aligned brokers, further supporting Allianz’s teams.


In terms of success metrics, Allianz seeks engagement between underwriters and executives to identify pipelines and discuss upcoming risks as this, in turn, increases its strike rates. Lewis highlighted that within the Vision platform brokers are good at using the Note of Interest messaging tool to accept or decline risks. Allianz underwriters then follow these up with executives, supporting the company’s goals for continued success.

Lewis emphasised that Allianz has also gained some unexpected value from Vision, including two recent deals to secure six-figure cases. In the first, Broker Insights was pivotal in giving Allianz a strong lead-in time and helping the team engage in early conversations with the broker involved. This early engagement was followed up face-to-face at BIBA and then with underwriting meetings at Allianz’s office.

In the second deal, Allianz picked up a six-figure case after the broker responded to Allianz’s Note of Interest, prompting discussions and the successful landing of the case. As Lewis explained, Allianz would not have found this case without Vision.

Looking ahead, Allianz and Broker Insights plan to continue growing their strong partnership, ensuring all parties use Vision to achieve mutual success.

Key Facts

  • Multiple six-figure deals secured
  • Streamlined trading
  • Strong lead-in times with brokers
  • More efficient broker engagement

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