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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More

NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Streamlining processes and building relationships with Duncan Clark

Case Study

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Duncan Clark is an independent insurance broker with over 30 years in business and 50+ years of industry experience. It provides clients with a range of insurance products and uses Broker Insights to support its efficiency of operations and relationship-building with insurers and MGAs.


As Duncan Clark’s Emily McMillan explained:

“We wanted to understand our data more, giving the whole team better and easier data insight to ensure the best business outcomes. With many insurers and MGAs to place business with, we also wanted a more time-effective way to find the best placement opportunities for our clients’ risks.”

Despite the team being proficient in other software systems, the time and effort involved lacked efficiency and held up data processing. Emily had taken over using Broker Insights when she joined Duncan Clark over two years before and felt this could help them make better use of their complex business data.


Data Insights

The team at Duncan Clark now uses Broker Insights VisionTM (Vision) dashboards, giving them easy access to their headline Management Information (MI) at the touch of a button – from high-level management views to tactical, operational details. This removes the time and effort required to run extensive reports, decipher complex information, and disseminate findings throughout the business. The team can now spend this time on other important tasks, like building relationships through Vision and placing more business with preferred markets.

Relationship Building

In fluctuating markets, Duncan Clark remains responsive and agile with the support of Broker Insights’ intelligent MatchPointsTM technology. Now, not only can its staff see which partners have the appetite for client risks, but they regularly receive inbound enquiries through Vision from insurers and MGAs who want to work with them. They then compare and assess options within Vision to ensure that the new placement aligns with Duncan Clark’s wider business strategies.


Access to a dedicated Broker Insights Trading Manager has also supported Duncan Clark’s streamlining of operations, complementing the features and tools available within Vision. Emily highlighted the patience and thoroughness of their Trading Manager, explaining that the business sees Broker Insights and its oversight capabilities as a great asset to support future growth.


Gaining time and the ability to remain responsive to changing markets through more effective data use allows Duncan Clark to re-broker more efficiently, maintaining strong customer relationships and satisfaction levels. They have had inbound enquiries that have created new agencies and relationships, and now have direct lines of contact with underwriters of major insurers who would not have known to contact them before.

As Emily explained:

“New policies placed were up 194% against lapsed policies in one month. Our new books are growing while commission levels are on an upward trajectory, continuing to grow with preferred markets.”

Key Facts

  • New policies were up 194% against lapsed policies
  • Built strong relationships with major insurers
  • Growing books and commissions with preferred markets
  • Streamlined data processing

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