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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More

NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Blog: Strengthening Relationships Between Brokers and Insurers

Amicus Insurance Solutions Ltd was one of the first broker partners to join the platform back in 2019 and has used the platform extensively since.

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Amicus Insurance Solutions Ltd is a commercial insurance broker that specialises in the construction and manufacturing sectors. The business prides itself on bringing a refreshingly modern approach to commercial insurance, whilst retaining the traditional values that are so important. 

As part of the business’ modern approach, it was amongst the first to join Broker Insights back in 2019 and has used the platform extensively ever since. 

Recently, the team at Amicus began using the platform’s Placement Strategy page and visual placement overlays during meetings with Broker Insights’ insurer partners, sharing views of the platform to drive discussions and inform key opportunity decisions. 

Ollie Burman, renewals manager for Amicus, believes that using the platform during insurer discussions helps to strengthen the relationship between both parties: 

“We are always interested in new ways of working which drive even better outcomes for our business and our clients. We have been using the platform to explore how we could grow, how to avoid over reliance on certain markets, and how upcoming renewals relate to the appetite of insurers within the platform. 

“It was a natural extension of this activity to seek better methods of engaging with insurers. This led us to the use of the ‘placement quilt’ tool as a foundation of our meetings with Broker Insights’ insurer partners. We now share select views of the platform to discuss upcoming opportunities with insurer partners, as it supports highly focused and productive discussions. 

“Without the platform driving our conversation, we would no doubt revert to insurers asking, ‘what have you got coming up’, which is clearly a lot less targeted than a visual breakdown of renewals, classes, timelines, etc.” 

Broker Insights Head of Trading, Alun McGeoghegan, went on to comment: 

“Our platform ‘bridges the knowledge gap’ but it’s only ever as good as those that use it.  

“Amicus’s innovative use of the platform shines a light over the ‘Connect’ phase of Broker Insights’ ‘Match, Connect, Place, Repeat’ process. By engaging via data, the connection is enhanced, moving from a limited position to one where both parties can ‘push’ and ‘pull’ opportunities from the data.”  

If you would like to learn more about the placement strategy page, please contact your Broker Insights account manager.  

For information on join our broker community, please email: 

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