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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Press Release: Brokerbility and Broker Insights unveil mindful broker placement capability to help network members grow

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Brokerbility and Broker Insights have been working hard over the past 12 months to provide a tailored technology-enabled trading solution to meet the needs of its community of network members.

The partnership between Brokerbility and Broker Insights has resulted in the development of an effective product placement capability, which will transform the way members trade with the network’s insurer partners, enabling mindful insurer placement.

After extensive engagement with Brokerbility members, Broker Insights has developed a bespoke version of its Market Management solution, creating an online marketplace for Brokerbility members and insurer partners.  This online marketplace now enables members to trade with Brokerbility’s key insurer partners using real-time data to target renewal activity and collaborate with underwriters.  In doing so, Brokerbility members are now empowered to make more informed decisions, better analyse market-wide opportunities for their clients and achieve enhanced levels of service from its key insurer partners.

The Broker Insights solution gives Brokerbility a holistic view of member placement activity that can help unlock better terms with insurers, track insurer service arrangements and ensure Brokerbility has the right partners and products for its insurer panels.

John Dunn, Managing Director of Brokerbility said:

“This bespoke online capability gives our members the tools to connect and trade with our key insurance partners in a more efficient and profitable manner.  Crucially, it empowers Brokerbility members to shape and track the effectiveness of their placement strategies with the ability to drill down to the detail in a few simple clicks.  This innovation clearly reflects how the scale of Brokerbility can create better solutions, greater direct access to decision-makers and improved levels of insurer service for our members.”

Alan Sanderson, Chief Commercial Officer of Broker Insights said:

“Brokerbility and it’s members are well positioned to rapidly deploy and take advantage of our latest Market Management offering to better understand and gain actionable insight from their data. Working in close partnership, we have created a data-driven solution – with our unique insurer appetite matching capability – that supercharges placement and more effectively aligns Brokerbility’s community with their strategic insurer partners.”

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