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NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More

NEW! Propensity Lens - helps insurers predict the probability of winning new business Read More


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Press Release: Broker Insights Releases In-Appetite Matchmaking Feature

Broker Insights Searchable Platform Enhancements Delivers Greater Market Insight for Brokers.

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19 April 2021

Broker Insights today announced the release of a new feature that gives brokers a clearer understanding of which policies fit into the appetite of the Broker Insights Partners. This milestone is a major move for Broker Insights on its mission to provide transformational insights to brokers and their partner insurers to enhance trading capabilities and efficiencies.

With this latest feature, brokers can now immediately see which policies are renewing and are a match for the appetites of Broker Insight’s partner insurers. This information allows brokers to market opportunities to the right insurers and develop relationships with them.

In turn, insurers will receive more in-appetite enquiries, allowing them to focus on growth and spend less time sifting through unsuitable opportunities.

Fraser Edmond, CEO Broker Insights, said: “Our business and platform are singly focussed on building understanding between insurers and brokers to drive efficiency. By combining broker customer data and insurer risk appetite data, we can build better understanding and connections between the right parties, with the right products for the right customers at the right time. This unique capability will really drive out the frictional costs in trading relationships as a result of the current lack of understanding at a detailed level.”

This new release delivers a number of benefits for both brokers and insurers, including:


  • Targeted engagement with partner insurers that saves hours of time and effort
  • Provides clarity on which policies are likely to be of interest to partner insurers
  • Better insight and understanding of potential consolidation opportunities


  • Improves the quality of quote flow from brokers
  • Strengthens relationships with brokers and drives prospecting efficiencies

Dan Bligh, Insurance Joint Managing Director at Scrutton Bland, said: “The In-appetite overlay feature on Broker Insights has already proved to be highly useful for Scrutton Bland during its pilot phase. The ability to use this page with the Broker Insights’ Partner Insurers during meetings facilitates focussed, data-driven discussions on both a case-by-case and portfolio level.”

About Broker Insights: The first independent, searchable platform connecting insurers and brokers. Founded in 2018, Broker Insights now has over 300 broker offices on their main platform, with £750M of commercial GWP, and connects seven leading insurers.

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