Broker Insights Market Management is an insurtech marketplace solution designed specifically for large brokers.

Broker Insights Market Management enables large brokers to maintain strong relationships with their strategic insurer partners. The platform can be licensed and configured to a firm’s requirements, to create a bespoke insurtech marketplace.
Market Management’s core functionality assists firms in building better channels of engagement through an interactive, streamlined data-flow that enhances collaboration and alignment with insurer partners.


Complement and enhance existing MI capabilities.  

The platform matches client renewal data directly with partner insurer’s underwriting appetites on a case-by-case basis, reducing time wasted on ‘out-of-appetite’ proposals and signposting placement opportunities with insurer partners.

Senior staff are able to explore placement activity and inform strategic decisions, to help ensure business is placed within preferred markets and deals are maximised.


Work smarter, more efficiently, and get more value from your data.

Market Management makes it easier to share information between insurers and brokers. By enabling brokers to ‘see’ insurer appetites and by providing insurer partners with an anonymised view of client data, both parties can identify opportunities and use the platform to make a direct connection regarding specific risks.


Improve governance, help streamline placement strategy, mitigate E&O risks, and underpin fair presentation obligations.

With enriched MI functionality, firms can rationalise their agency base and gain the benefits of placing more of their business in fewer markets.

Centralised data views helps with staff oversight, alignment
to insurer deals, and individual performance management, strengthening firm’s governance activity and FTE returns.


Reduce the friction of market engagement and help maximise both profitability and customer outcomes.  

Signposting placement opportunities within the platform helps staff to review their renewal book and pipeline, streamline proposal processes, manage insurer deals, and build relationships.

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Broker Insights Market Management is a ‘solution in a box’ for large brokers, which can be licensed and configured to specific requirements.

If you would like to discuss Market Management, please contact the team at Broker Insights.

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