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Broker Insights is an insurtech platform that provides a strategic advantage to brokers seeking greater trading efficiencies, commercial growth, stronger insurer relationships and an increase in profitability.

How much time could Broker Insights save your brokerage?

Adjust the sliders to calculate approximate efficiency gains from using the platform:

Brokers typically ‘churn’ around 20% of their held book each year.

To start the calculation, roughly how many commercial insurance policies do you take to market every month. Adjust if necessary:


renewals marketed per month

The FCA indicates that a Fair Analysis of the market must be based on a sufficiently large number of contracts of insurance.

Let’s assume that for each risk, you typically issue 6 presentations with the aim of obtaining 4 quotes from the market. Adjust if necessary:


proposals issued for each renewal

Lastly, roughly how much time do you spend chasing up each presentation? Adjust if necessary:


minutes per proposal

Approximate number of hours per month spent on chasing up presentations:

hours per month

By using Broker Insights, your brokerage could save

hours per month

Broker Insights matches renewal opportunities with our insurer partners’ appetites, helping brokers to target proposals and reduce wasted effort.

Concentrating on those partners that have an appetite to write the risks you are taking to market allows you to prioritise insurers to chase and allocate your resources accordingly

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