Broker Insights Announce The Signing Of A Long-Term Agreement With Hiscox.

PRESS RELEASE 09/09/2020

Broker Insights are pleased to announce the signing of a long-term agreement with Hiscox.

Hiscox were an early adopter of the Broker Insights platform and have seen first hand the benefits of the unique technology now, and in the coming years.

Fraser Edmond CEO said, “Hiscox were the first insurer partner to sign-up to our vision and platform two years ago when we launched the business. We have worked closely with the Hiscox sales and trading teams across the UK to deliver the increasing benefits of our platform’s distribution and sales capabilities. These capabilities have become integral to the Hiscox business and we are delighted to now have their commitment to a new multi-year agreement. We are really excited to build on our partnership and the opportunities it presents over the years ahead.”

Ross Dingwall, Managing Director, Broker Channel, Hiscox UK, says, “We were the first insurer to see the potential in the Broker Insights business model, platform and team back in 2018 and since then we have been on a journey to embed the capability across our business. Broker Insights have worked closely with our Sales and Distribution teams to develop the platform and deliver more insights on the commercial broker market, which are helping transform our business development and trading efforts with new & existing brokers. We are delighted to sign a new multi-year agreement which enables us to further build on the opportunities and realise the full potential our partnership.”

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