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What the insurers say

Ross Dingwall, Managing Director of Broker Channel, Hiscox comments, 

“The Broker Insights model has the potential to transform the way insurers and independent brokers interact by bringing them closer together. This is a welcome step-change in transparency for the commercial insurance market, which we believe could bring significant benefits to insurers, brokers and consumers alike. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with Broker Insights and supporting independent brokers across the UK.”

How it works

  • We securely store Broker customer data in our platform, allowing insurers to search and find new business, much like the Skyscanner and Auto-Trader model.
  • We mask critical customer data so the insurer has to contact you, the Broker.
  • Brokers can join Broker Insights for free because all fees are covered by the insurer, who pay to access our platform.

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