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Why Broker Insights?

  • The Broker Insights platform is the commercial insurance equivalent to Skyscanner, we’re bringing the benefits that Skyscanner and other data aggregators like Auto-Trader gave their industries, to commercial insurance. 
  • Problem-solving by equaling the distribution of insurance resources to provide the broker market with a better service whilst getting the right product to the right customer at the right time.

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What other Brokers say

As brokers, the data we hold is one of the most valuable assets we have and needs to be used to maximise its business potential.  Broker Insights provides a unique market leading opportunity to achieve this“.
Mark Bennett, CEO of Bennett Christmas Insurance Brokers

The concept that Broker Insights are delivering is innovative in that insurers proactively contact us about our commercial clients they’d like to quote for. This approach makes a big difference to us sending insurers our client details, for them to never get looked at. Many Brokers would happily pay for the data breakdown that we now receive as a complimentary service of Broker Insights.
Stuart McGregor, Director of Calcluth and Sangster