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What you’ll learn

New earning potential

Learn how much more you will earn on new business and the renewal of your new business with our partner insurers. Most brokers earn an extra 10% GWP on their bottom line.

Business Development

By analysing customer buyer behaviour, upsell and cross-sell opportunities are highlighted as well as the key product categories that generate the most revenue, helping you focus your time.

Risk Mitigation

Spread and concentration of product are identified as well as low-value high volume policy groups, enabling you to future-proof your business.

What other Brokers say

Stuart McGregor, Director of Calcluth and Sangster explains,

“The concept that Broker Insights are delivering is innovative in that insurers proactively contact us about our commercial clients they’d like to quote for. This approach makes a big difference to us sending insurers our client details, for them to never get looked at. Many Brokers would happily pay for the data breakdown that we now receive as a complimentary service of Broker Insights”.