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We partner with insurers who prioritise regional brokers in their distribution strategies. Our partner insurers have signed up to the Broker Insights platform because we increase their distribution reach with new market knowledge that makes business more streamlined and efficient. Here’s what our partners say…


"Broker Insights’ innovative platform helps deliver stronger connectivity between local independent brokers and insurers...supporting local brokers and providing quality products and excellent service to them and their customers. The platform is geared towards providing a digital and data led solution which enables the right conversations to take place and at the right time." - Deepak Soni, Director of Commercial Intermediary.


“The Broker Insights model has the potential to transform the way insurers and independent brokers interact by bringing them closer together. This is a welcome step-change in transparency for the commercial insurance market, which we believe could bring significant benefits to insurers, brokers and consumers alike. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with Broker Insights and supporting independent brokers across the UK.” - Ross Dingwall, Managing Director of Broker Channel.


“It’s important to brokers and Zurich that we have the right conversations at the right time – the Broker Insights proposition offers the chance to make it easier for Zurich and for regional brokers to match quickly on risks. The simple ambition is for customers to get a better result in terms of quality cover and service. It’s completely consistent with Zurich’s core strategy in winning with regional brokers.“This is good news for brokers too as they will be able to better understand our underwriting strategy, get tailored information about our products and propositions, and faster responses to quotes – all enabling them to better and more quickly help customers.” - Graham Boffey, Distribution Director.


“We believe that Broker Insights will help us with our strategy to support regional brokers and enable us to be proactive in talking to them about opportunities where we can use our specialism to benefit their clients. This is a practical application of Insurtech, it will improve efficiency for everyone and enhance the customer experience for brokers and their clients.” - Adrian Saunders, Commercial Director.


“Our partnership with Brokers Insights will further develop QBE’s use of technology and data science to help optimise our customer's insurance buying experience. This platform’s search capability will allow us to build new opportunities with regional brokers.  Identifying enhanced digital capabilities such as this is core to QBE’s commitment to strengthening our relationship with these brokers and putting greater focus on our customer’s needs.” - Matthew Crane, Executive Director of Market Management.
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