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Our team has designed and built a platform that securely organises and presents broker customer data, making it searchable, for insurers to find new business and start relevant conversations with the right broker at the right time. We mask sensitive customer information, so the insurer must contact you the broker for the business. We complement existing infrastructure and relationships. We are not a broker, a broker network, an insurer or a software house.
Put your business on the Broker Insights radar and be proactively approached at the right time with the right product for your client.
Be empowered with knowledge in seconds through our Broker Portal, designed to give you access to the heart of your business on demand, on the go and on your mobile.
Partner with Broker Insights for complimentary business insights reports that guide data-driven decisions like how to grow your business based on where the largest opportunities are, revenue streams and areas of risk.
Maximise your most valuable asset and use your data to be seen by the right leading insurer with the best quality product for your client and receive an extra financial reward.

Our Insurer Partners

Broker Insights Partner Insurer Promise
  • Broker Insights is one of the most exciting and innovative developments in Insurance Broking technology that I have seen in recent years. We believe that partnering with Broker Insights will bring tangible benefits to our clients by increasing the scope of choice that we have available as well as widening the product selection that we can offer.
    Paul Beck, Director, Amicus Insurance
  • When Calcluth & Sangster Ltd were introduced to Broker Insights we immediately could see the benefit, for our Commercial Clients, and how they would get the best deal for their Insurance not only regarding price, but also the best product for Client and Insurer. The concept that Broker Insights are delivering is innovative in that Insurers proactively contact us regarding the Commercial Clients they actually want to quote for.
    Stuart McGregor, Director, Calcluth & Sangster Insurance Brokers
  • As brokers, the data we hold is one of the most valuable assets we have and needs to be used to maximise its business potential. Broker Insights provides a unique market leading opportunity to achieve this.
    Mark Bennett, CEO, Bennett Christmas Insurance Brokers
Data security is at the heart of what we do. Our technology is built using the same techniques as the banking sector, ensuring your data is secure and protected 24/7/365.

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We use data analytics to cut through the noise and help you grow the overall value of your business. Book a meeting with us to understand more.
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