Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser: What a Difference a Day Year Makes

After a little over a year with us, Broker Insights COO, Kevin Ord sat down to chat with us about
his first impressions and the future of the platform.

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How did your work with other SAAS based organisations prepared you for your role at Broker Insights?

The emergence of SaaS technologies over the last decade has accelerated the reengineering of businesses beyond anything previously seen. Having taken many large clients (also in high compliance industries), on that journey, I know what we as a company need to provide. Its not only about an amazing platform, but the delivery and support services that means we deliver the change and the benefits quickly and easily.

How does Broker Insights differ from other, similar, organisations you have worked with in the past?

I am constantly amazed at how mature the company is in terms of methods, standards and culture. I think this comes from getting the right people in the right positions, and many joining with a depth of knowledge gained in much larger organisations. It’s a fantastic blend of innovation and experience. There are much longer established companies who struggle to get the balance right

How do you see the insurance market changing in the future, and how will Broker Insights fit into this?

The Insurance industry will go through the same changes we have seen in many other sectors. The need for new, seamless end to end processes replacing legacy paper based practises, greater use of data for better targeting of the market, the need to enhance the customer and broker engagement to provide competitive services and improve margin. We provide all of those things to insurers and brokers alike in an easily adopted service, where our success is based upon delivering you success.

How has your perception of Broker Insights changed since you started your role?

It comes back to maturity and market readiness again. The technology is already well proven and driving growth in some of the largest players in the industry. The MI and reporting capability is an creating incredible level of opportunities for clients, and we have over £1 billion of GWP on the platform. I would never have thought this possible in such a relatively young company

What has been your favourite thing so far about working at Broker Insights?

Working with such a diverse and motivated bunch of people. We are based throughout the UK and despite the events of the last 18 months everyone works for each other with a great attitude and drive to deliver. They really are an amazing bunch!

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