Making the complex simple

We let insurers see and brokers be seen

We’re here to solve a problem in commercial insurance. Traditionally, leading insurers only had the resources to support the top tier of the broker market and regional brokers, who felt over-looked, wanted more attention from these insurers.

To help equal the playing field, our team designed and built the first searchable view of opportunities in the regional broker market and were recruited from technology, data science and insurance to deliver the right blend of skills and knowledge for our customers.

Iain Crole, EVP and Co-founder, Broker Insights
"When we designed the Broker Insights platform, we were absolutely clear that the technology had to solve a problem, add value and connect people.  We’re a relationship-based industry and the foundations of Broker Insights are built on helping to enhance this."

Company Values

To help us improve the lives of our customers our team created this set of values that we live by:
  • Bring it on - be bold and challenge the status quo
  • Make the complex simple - and make a difference to our customers
  • Always listen - and act on it
  • Think team - everyone brings something to our success
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