This is the year the general insurance broker market gets stronger for the future.

We are all well aware of the rise of the digital marketplace across many industry sectors – think Amazon, Airbnb and Moneysupermarket. To date, the ‘insure-tech’ focus has been on the consumer market where commoditisation of products has enabled multiple routes to market and product possibilities. Here in the commercial insurance market, needs are more individual and complex; and customers value the professional advice of a broker.

The traditional nature of this market means insurers actively manage and trade most of their business with a small number of brokers. The Broker Insights team identified an opportunity to use data to make it much easier for insurers to work with a much broader range of brokers, without the need for broader resources. Combining deep sector knowledge with expert technology Broker Insights is making this happen and galvanising the broker market in the process.

It’s simply common sense

It’s a refreshingly straight forward idea. The Broker Insights team, comprised of insurance sector experts and technology entrepreneurs, understands the need to embrace data analytics to drive efficiencies. They are working with multiple brokers, across the UK and Northern Ireland, to aggregate their customer data into a single live overview of the market for the first time.

This new transparency will transform business relationships for insurers and brokers. The Broker Insights platform puts a far wider range of brokers on the insurers radar and enables well informed and timely sales activity. Broker Insights is supporting a thriving local independent intermediary market and therefore promoting more choice and competition – which is great for customers.

The Broker Insights Team

Chris van der Kuyl

Chris van der Kuyl – Chairman

Chris’s success, profile and contribution in building technology, media and entertainment businesses over the last 25 years is prolific. From next generation video game development and the record breaking and award-winning Minecraft phenomenon with 4J Studios, to building brightsolid into a major data centre business. With and Friends Reunited, the brightsolid group built significant interests in social networking, on-line dating and core genealogy. Chris also chairs TV Squared a global analytics platform used by over 600 brands to analyse and improve TV advertising performance. Chris embraces the spirit of ‘giving something back’, advising government and many organisations both public and private on enterprise and technology matters.

Paddy Burns
Non-Executive Director

Paddy Burns – Non-Executive Director

Paddy is the CEO of 4J Studios. He has been at the heart of the development of the games industry over the last 25 years and in recent years, the record breaking and multi-award winning success 4J Studios have had with the Minecraft phenomenon. Together, Paddy and Chris have skillfully and purposefully built-up an enviable portfolio of technology led business investments in many sectors across the UK. Businesses established and quickly scaled for global success. Paddy is passionate about using technology solutions to solve challenges and make things better - and is invaluable in the development of Broker Insights technology led solutions.

Fraser Edmond

Fraser Edmond - CEO

Fraser has acquired extensive knowledge and experience from the general insurance industry over the last 25 years, previously as the Broker Distribution Director for Aviva in the UK. Having led distribution, sales, marketing and proposition teams in the market, Fraser understands the full range of distribution models for general insurance products, providing him with a unique market perspective. Fraser is a proven leader with an inquisitive nature and the courage to challenge the status quo. These qualities have helped him transform business performance and maximise new opportunities throughout his career. This makes Fraser incredibly passionate about what Broker Insights represents and is trying to achieve in the market.

Sandy Cairnie

Sandy Cairnie – COO

Sandy is a highly experienced consultant, who has worked in senior programme and development management roles in regulatory and business change programmes in the private and public sector. He was director of his own company for over twenty years. His career initially focused on delivering IT systems for blue chip clients in the financial and utility sectors, commencing with commercial insurance systems with General Accident. Sandy’s management and delivery skills led to him leading major business programmes that implemented new operations and systems. Sandy has worked in France, Italy, Germany and the USA as well as throughout the UK.

Iain Crole

Iain Crole – EVP

Iain has acquired extensive knowledge and experience across many roles and disciplines within the general insurance industry over a successful 25 year career. Prior to joining Broker Insights, Iain was the Head of Sales for regional brokers at Aviva in the UK. The strength, depth and breadth of Iain’s broker relationships across the market ensures he intimately understands the challenges and opportunities insurers face when promoting their products to brokers. Iain also understands the challenges brokers face in the market and specifically when dealing with insurers. Iain is excited about how Broker Insights transform the efficiency and effectiveness of the insurer and broker trading relationship.

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